• bryon ethington

Go Ahead and Worry (part 1)

What if worry is something that, for some of us, drives us closer to our true Father and is not something that should elicit guilt or shame? Hear me out...

Have you seen the church signs or social media posts that say something along the lines of "If you have time to worry, you have time to pray"? Perhaps it is just me, but the message that I hear goes something like this - "Stop worrying and pray you faithless, poor excuse for a follower of Jesus" - as if the two (worry and prayer) are mutually exclusive of one another.

I have found that worry drives me to prayer. In fact, many times I pray because I am worried.

Besides, tell my friend whose daughter was just diagnosed with a brain tumor to not worry and see how that goes. For that matter, tell the parents of an abducted child not to worry. Tell the spouse of someone battling substance abuse not to worry.

Could it be that in the worry -- the understanding that we cannot control an outcome -- we find our soul crying out to the One who is able to do something about it? And for however bold our prayer is for what we ask for, it is also marked by a sense of timidity because those of us who have walked this journey of faith approach our Father without a blind and naive sense of entitlement that says "He will do this or that." We know and have experienced that our Father is mysterious...sometimes He intervenes in the here and now and miracles happen, but sometimes He doesn't and they (miracles) don't.

So we pray and we worry. And we worry and we pray.

We worry because we are human...we love well and care deeply and have a soul that longs for wholeness in this world; yet we know our limitations.

And we pray because we are human...deep within we hear the echo of Eden and refuse to walk in this life alone without the Divine Lover of our soul Who happens to be the only One who can restore all things...if not in this life then certainly in the next.

So...go ahead and worry...and pray.


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