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Step One:

Choose your Adventure Trek.

Step Two:

Fill out the online application and submit your $300 deposit to your team leader.

Step Three:

Flights are the responsibility of each group or individual. Each group leader or individual traveler must get flight arrival and departure times approved by WAWB in writing prior to booking their flights. This is essential to assure that all groups arrive at the appropriate time so group ground transportation can be arranged. All group and individuals assume responsibility for flight bookings arranged without the confirmation of WAWB.

Step Four:

Pay your final payment to WAWB at least 60 days (or per communication after accepted application) before departure.

Approximately 30 days prior to departure WAWB will contact you with final details regarding your trek. These details will include rooming lists, hotel information, training workbook, and what-to-bring list. You can always contact WAWB at any time during the process at:

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